The benefits of bananas

The benefits of bananas. Banana is a fruit rich in various qualities. Its nutritional value is high. It contains tissue forming ingredients. This is an adequate source of calories.
For every 100 grams of banana, water contains 80.1%, non-vegetarian 1.2%, fat 0.3%, mineral salt 0.8%, fiber 0.4%, sugar 8.2%. Mineral salt and vitamins: Calcium 75 mg, Phosphorus 51mg, Iron0.6 mg, Vitamin C, Low Vitamin B Complex 8 mg.

The Benefits of banana:

Keeps the heart well:

Ripe bananas are a source of potassium. Eating bananas are reduced your risk of heart attack and stroke.

It is necessary to eat a banana every day during pregnancy to give birth well. Bananas increase the amount of sugar in the blood. It relieves morning fatigue during pregnancy

The benefits of bananas:Relieves constipation:

Banana helps in digestion and solves flatulence. It also helps prevent the growth of harmful bacteria & viruses in the stomach.

To eliminate blood emptiness, the benefits of bananas:

Bananas contain a lot of iron which helps in the production of hemoglobin in the blood. For that reason, banana is a very helpful fruit for those who are suffering from anemia.

Its fiber and probiotic oligosaccharides are very helpful indigestion. This allows your body to store more nutrients.

Prevents stomach ulcers and heartburn:

Those who suffer from regular heartburn should eat a banana on a full stomach every day. Banana reduces heartburn & prevents harmful acids in the abdomen.

Rubbing a banana peel on the teeth for about two minutes will whiten the teeth by removing dirt and stains on the teeth. Banana peel can make teeth whiter

Bananas have a chain of fatty acids that are good for skin cells and help keep the body healthy.

Before using the cream to take care of the swollen and reddened skin of mosquito bites, rub the banana peel on the swollen part of the skin.
Bananas contain a lot of vitamin B which calms the nerves. Its are more important than fatty foods to reduce tension. Bananas help reduce nervous stress because it is keeping blood sugar levels right.

Reduces the risk of cancer:

Some recent studies have shown that extra ripe bananas provide a type of compound that is important for the body, which increases the body’s resistance to disease as well as the number of white blood cells. This reduces the risk of cancer.

Rejuvenates the skin:

Banana skin contains some amount of fatty ingredients, which can be rubbed on the skin as a moisturizer. Collar skin is also used to get rid of acne. However, it may not work for all skin types. However, there is nothing wrong with trying once.

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